Creating an Endowment Agreement

An endowment with PEF can be established quite simply, by writing an agreement for management and distribution of the associated funds, which will be kept on record by the PEF office.  In preparing your agreement we recommend that consider the following aspects, and provide for them in your endowment document:

1.  You should name the endowment and briefly state its purpose.  You should also define the intended recipient community (for example, scholarships for Pasco HS graduates entering the field of nursing).

2.  You should note your concurrence with the PEF By-laws, and with the PEF Investment Policy.

3.  Although endowments are intended to continue in perpetuity, you should indicate your preference for disposition of the endowment funds in the event of an unforeseen contingency (termination of the PEF, for example).

4.  You should provide names and addresses of the individual(s) who are responsible for communicating with the PEF Board regarding your endowment

5.  You should provide a place for your signature and for that of the current PEF Board president.

That’s about it.  Please click here if you’d like to view a sample endowment agreement, which can be used as a model for your own document, if you wish.  If you’d like assistance in preparing an endowment, please contact Melanie Norris at  (509) 531-3801 (